Monday, 10 May 2010

Gloves seeking hands

I walk thinking about a brief I have received to write about 'the narratives' of a place. This is writer-speak and I can only guess what it means.

The pits in the lane down to the coast path are full of muddy water, reflecting fence posts and barbed wire. To my left, over Carn Brea, dark clouds are approaching and the sky is the same colour as the dirty yellow fleece left hanging on hedgerows by escaping sheep. On my right, towards Godrevy, there are patches of blue sky, and sunshine highlights gorse on the cliff-tops curving away from me.

The blackthorn blossom is out, but on one of the trees there hangs a white glove. Later, I find another glove sprouting from a fence post.

Monday, 3 May 2010

May Bank Holiday

In Cornwall anyway we were denied the opportunity today to indulge in moaning about the bank holiday weather: the sun has shone, although the northerly wind made my eyes water.

I left home in half a mind to visit the garden at Tregullow, which was open as part of the National Gardens Scheme. Tregullow is the home of the High Sheriff of Cornwall, Mr James Williams - seen in the photograph in black velvet and breeches at the head of the afternoon dance on Trevithick Day this year.

In fact I found myself heading in the direction of Helston, and then walking up Tregonning Hill from the hamlet of Balwest.

Standing beside the War Memorial at the summit I had a fantastic view from coast to coast, and I found shelter from
the wind in the Preaching Pit.

Afterwards I spent a small fortune on chicken manure and plants in a garden centre, before finishing the afternoon with one of the best cream teas around - in Sithney.