Monday, 26 July 2010


My heart is not in my walking at the moment.
Often during the last couple of years I have been accompanied on walks by a Jack Russell called Sammy. She came to me after her previous elderly owner became ill, and was already elderly herself, although no one knew exactly how old.                           
 Last week she died.
Sammy and me on Tregonning Hill

She was hard of hearing, couldn't see very well, and had arthritic hips - but she got under my skin and into my heart within minutes of our first meeting.
She regarded it as her duty to be wherever I was. Now she can rest. Her job is done.
As for me, I am cycling along the coast road and back through the woods. Avoiding the grassy path along the cliffs where we used to dawdle in the sunshine; pedalling furiously past the places we loved to share; the rushing wind whisking away the sad thoughts, and bringing tears to my eyes.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Reg, Bob and Toby

Strolling along the cliff path in the sunshine I meet more of the 'regulars' - Reg Hughes and his Border Terriers. Reg is looking so dapper in his sunhat that  I can't resist taking a photograph -pity it's not very good. Sorry about that Reg. I hope you'll let me try again when we meet next.
We had been walking in opposite directions; me towards Godrevy, and Reg towards Portreath, but he turns around (the dogs don't mind which direction they go in so long as they're out and about with him) and we walk along together for a while.

Reg is a man with lots of tales to tell.
His first job was as a farm boy with 'British Boys for British Farms' (a YMCA scheme that began in 1932).
Later he became an engineer, and worked at Croydon Power Station (only its towers remain now - it's been replaced by an IKEA store).
Later still he was with the Royal Naval Reserve, and almost got stuck on the Dogger Bank while towing a trawler.

When he moved to Cornwall, Reg says, he promised himself that he would walk by the sea every day; judging by his twinkling blue eyes and tanned face it's doing him good. Bob and Toby look happy too.